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Many books have been authored by celebrated Christian writers on the subject of the Supernatural, this book is not one of them but all of them in one. The caption and contents of this book, Supernatural Drive and the source of its inspirations are proofs that God still speaks to men mouth to mouth.

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Readers say

In all sincerity, I got blown away with your writing prowess; Your awe-inspiring expressions and diction. They're worthwhile. It takes more than nobility and honesty to play out one's journey in into words, but you profoundly did that. It's phenomenal Sir. If you want to win in life, you've got to challenge the statuesque, do the impossible, be a navigator and trailblazer; then you must read this book. It is a book devoid of fiction but laced with much eternal truths and nuggets that will change your life forever. It is a must read for all who don't just want to course through life as mere spectators, but as those who make things happen.

Dr. Babatunde Olotu

Medical Doctor, Writer and Poet. UK.

Tosin Adegoke in the book SUPERNATURAL DRIVE provided proven elucidations and insights on how to be connected to the supernatural source and get driven by the force of the supernatural to live a triumphant and fulfilling life here on earth. The words from the book itself is a supernatural drive, as you have the privilege to get a copy of this book, get ready to be driven on a journey into supernatural with the help you need.

Masterpiece David Olawande

Social Transformation Strategist. Lagos-Nigeria.

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